"We just completed a long and challenging search with Diligent Partners for a partner-level executive for our management consulting firm.  Completing a search like this for a small, culture-driven firm was no easy task, and we put both George and Scott through the ringer with our selectiveness, stubbornness, and hundreds of questions.  Both George and Scott did a great job working with us, walking us through all the details, and most importantly, finding several extremely well qualified candidates for us to meet with and ultimately hire.  Our search came with some self-inflicted bumps along the way, and I was impressed with the manner in which Diligent Partners stuck with their commitment to us from day one to the first day on the job of our new executive.  We liked their candidates so much, we ended up hiring two."

Greg Long, Director & Co-Founder
Caiman Consulting

“Scott Cadwalader represents the best to be found in the executive search and recruitment arena. Over the course of my 35 year career, I have had occasion to work with many senior executive search firms but my experience with Scott was a pleasant departure from the norm. My placement in a high visibility "C" level position within a global market leading company would not have happened without Scott's keen insights into the needs of his customer and my fitness for the role. Although I was not the strongest candidate on paper, the time Scott took to understand my passion and ability to deliver was what convinced him to keep me in the game through the interview stage. I got the job, and the result almost 4 years into my tenure has been the most mutually rewarding experience of my professional career.”

Group Vice President, CXO, Global High Tech Manufacturer

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Chief Operating Officer Print

Midsized Hospital

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a key member of the Executive Team at this 200+ bed hospital and trauma center.  In this capacity, the COO is integrally involved in strategic planning and organization-wide decision-making. The COO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).diligent logo black

The COO is responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s plan for ensuring the consistent delivery of exceptional care to patients.  This involves developing the organization-wide patient care programs, policies, and procedures that describe how nursing/patient care is assessed, interventions planned and provided, and outcomes evaluated.  The primary responsibility is for the quality of nursing care and is expanded to other clinical entities, thus, ensuring efficient and effective coordination and delivery of patient care services.  The COO plans, directs, and coordinates activities of multiple clinical departments in the medical facility to maintain standards of patient care, and advises CEO in matters related to clinical operations.   This position is responsible for all matters affecting the day-to-day operations of the hospital, as well as in planning for the future, and in establishing community linkages for health improvement.  It is expected that this position participates with leaders of the Board of Directors, Executive Team, management team, and medical staff in planning, promoting, and conducting hospital-wide quality assessment and performance improvement activities.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Along with the CEO and Chief Medical Officer, leads the planning, development, and execution of an organization and culture where it is all about very high clinical quality standards, as benchmarked by Hospital’s world-class peer institutions across the country.  The COO needs to be an outspoken ‘quality evangelist’.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of hospital and department compliance requirements for federal and state funded healthcare programs (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste, and abuse.  Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of hospital administrative staff.  Takes appropriate action with concerns reported by department staff related to compliance.

  • Purposefully conducts all aspects of the job in an ethical manner in support of the hospital’s commitment to ethical behavior in all areas of personal and professional activity.

  • Ensures organizational continuity within the limits authorized by policies, procedures, and budgets.

  • In close cooperation with and subject to the approval of the CEO, works with senior management to establish objectives for the hospital and its operating departments toward the improvement of hospital services.

  •  In partnership with the CEO and executive leadership, must respond nimbly to evolving regulatory/ACA/industry changes.

  •  With department directors, formulates departmental objectives:  proposes new services and programs, determines personnel needs and space requirements for existing and proposed programs, reviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Team.

  •  Develops and implements strategy, communicating key hospital objectives, strategies, and plans to directors, managers, and staff.

  •  Ensures that each operating department and service line develops, maintains, and uses short range plans suitable to its scope of service and objectives; ensures that such plans are in harmony with the hospital’s overall objectives, plans, and programs.

  •  Works with the CEO and Executive Team concerning the acquisition of equipment, facilities, new construction, and changes in space allocation.

  •  Manages operations of patient care, professional, ancillary, and general services.

  •  Ensures the effective recruitment, selection, supervision, development, and retention of patient care services management and employees.

  •  Serves as a member of the Executive Team and attends various meetings of the Board, medical staff and other groups as determined by the CEO and the Executive Team.

  •  Ensures rational and purposeful management of patient care through the application of sound planning and goal setting principles.

  •  Promotes sound fiscal operations by implementing an effective budgeting process.

  •  Ensures effective leadership and management of assigned departments/service lines through the application of management principles within established guidelines.

  •  Reviews, reports, and adjusts practices in the hospital in order to meet necessary regulatory and legal standards.

  •  Ensures well integrated and organized delivery of services through effective intra- and inter-departmental coordination.

  •  Maintains and promotes a personal, professional philosophy of community involvement by participating in professional and community activities.

  •  Participates in system wide activities that relate to or influence the delivery of care.


  • Progressive leadership experience with a minimum of five to ten years in a hospital operations leadership position.
  • Large academic hospital (greater than 900 beds) experience required.
  • Excellent knowledge of quality metrics and implementation of policies, procedures, workflows and cultures to achieve such metrics.
  • Excellent communication skills and evidence of collaborative practice.
  • History of leading organizations with successful clinical and fiscal outcomes.
  • Expertise in healthcare delivery systems and performance improvement.
  • Knowledge of The Joint Commission (TJC) and federal and state regulatory standards is required.
  • Must be able to proactively create the healthcare environment of the future.
  • Must role model positive communication and team relationship skills.
  • Must have a proven ability to lead consensus-based decision making.



Undergraduate nursing degree required.  Master’s degree in health administration or MBA preferred.



Sense of Ownership - Demonstrate personal commitment to quality job performance, a sense of responsibility for high achievement, professional appearance, awareness of current events throughout the hospital, and positive promotion.

Positive Attitude - Maintains a sense of understanding and compassion at all times while conveying energy and pride in all forms of communication: verbal, written, and non-verbal.

Responsiveness - Accommodates the needs of others through the use of timely actions, clarification, apologies, considerations, and the offering of additional information.

Communication - Openly interacts with patients and visitors through greetings and introductions, courteous gestures, engaging listening and feedback in dialog, providing helpful information, and addressing conflict in an appropriate manner.

Commitment to Co-workers - Cooperatively seeks to support and contribute to the work of others by offering assistance, acknowledging accomplishments, applying fair and respectful treatment, and addressing conflict in an appropriate manner.

Privacy/Confidentiality - Upholds the information and dignity of the patient in the highest regard through private and appropriate conversations and security procedures such as filing charts, logging out of computer screens, closing doors/curtains, and covering patients.

Safety Awareness - Keeps work area and surrounding environment clean and safe, reports practices and situations that may cause harm.  Follows patient safety, including but not limited to, hand washing and patient identification.

Courage - Fearlessly champions what is right versus status quo in addition to using their leadership to promote new ideas, address difficult situations, and take risks.

Vision - Pursues and aligns both departmental and hospital goals consistent with the mission, vision, values and strategic framework while simultaneously influencing others and translating these goals into action.

Passion - Demonstrates a commitment to the success of the organization through enthusiastic, positive, and inspirational interactions with others and continuous role-modeling of the behaviors consistent with the mission, vision, and values.

Pursuit of Perfection - Actively engages staff in decision making and problem solving which are supported by industry standards, best-practices and evidence-based medicine which continually lead to ongoing education, performance improvement activities, and the highest standards of performance.

People-centered - Uses effective communication/coaching skills to support, direct, and develop staff/others through the use of timely and appropriate performance feedback and shared departmental knowledge and skill.

Responsiveness - Accommodates the needs of others through the use of timely actions, clarification, apologies, considerations, and the offering of additional information.



This organization already has a world-class Board of Directors, a stellar new CEO, and a great team of interim leaders who are operationalizing all that starting a new best-in-class hospital from scratch entails.  Much of the spade work has been achieved, with more in the pipeline.  We are seeking a transformational change agent not afraid of rolling up his/her sleeves to get into the trenches while scaling new heights with a top-flight team and mission.  This is an outstanding organization and role for the right hospital operations and nursing executive.

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