"George and Scott have just completed a most professionally effective engagement for one of my critical IT Director positions.  Every step of the process was made clear and was executed with precision.  Their sourcing generated for my organization a viable cadre of leader-candidates whose credentials were aligned with our requirements and yet reflected variations in focus, personality, and style.  Their assessments were spot-on, just the right balance of reality and optimism.  Their leader-candidates were so well qualified that even those not selected proved to be strong candidates for other opportunities in my organization.  DP's work is the most satisfied I've ever been with an executive search firm performance."

Tom Ream, Regional CIO, Sacramento-Sierra Region
Sutter Health


“George is incredibly well-connected, and is a phenomenal asset to help find the right people for leadership roles in organizations. He is also a great pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend using him for executive searches.”

Kirit Sarvaiya, Executive Director
Fox Interactive Media

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Organizational Development Print

Organizational Development engagements are geared to improve the performance of organizations and their people.  They are truly transformational on a large scale, arguably some of the most rewarding and impactful work we do.

Every organization has its own business culture, its hierarchy, its value system, its processes, and its reward system.  Their origins made sense at one time or another.  Perhaps still, or perhaps not as well as they once did.  Like any living thing, they can evolve and grow with the needs of the company.  But also like living things, if the company needs to make rapid changes for its survival or to pursue growth opportunities, those same attributes can stand in the way of progress by resisting evolution.  Attitudes, ingrained processes, belief systems, fear and more can scuttle the best intentions.  Those same attributes which once shaped what was once healthy and vibrant about a company, can turn toxic.

Diligent Partners’ OD consultants understand that systemic change within a business culture requires change to be inspired and driven by members of the culture itself.  They must be given a reason to change, and to own the need, the responsibility and process for that change.

Change management plays an essential role in any effective transformation. Typically, organizational change requires a comprehensive, five-phase process for managing change, including: 1) motivating change, 2) creating vision, 3) developing political support, 4) managing the transition and 5) sustaining momentum.  As with our other consulting practices, our OD consultants work with clients to determine needs, identify the systemic causes of whatever requires remediation or change, develop a game plan and support the organization in its self-directed transformation.



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