"George, thank you for your help in leading a very difficult national search to a find a leader of our large Salesforce implementation a year ago.  I’m happy to report that he has been tremendous in getting our Salesforce implementation rolled out and he continues to excel in his role.  Definitely one of our strongest hires and leaders.  We would be happy to work with you and your firm again should the opportunity arise."

Senior Vice President,
Large Regional Bank








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You can transform your business, inserting the right people in the right positions. No company assembles a cast of A-players by chance. It takes forethought, knowledge, orchestration and, above all, judgment. It takes diligence because there are no shortcuts.

Diligence means better hires and fewer mistakes. Mis-hires are costly on multiple levels. The higher the base compensation, the higher the cost. In Bradford Smart’s book, Topgrading, research into hiring practices shows that the cost of a mis-hire or a mis-promotion is fifteen times base salary. The cost of merely a typical B-/C-level midmanager who earns a base salary of $100,000 a year translates conservatively into a loss of $1.5 million. When a B-/C-player is responsible for a stalled multi-million dollar IT implementation, a failed marketing program, a dead-end product launch or a stalled manufacturing transformation, to name but a few, the costs skyrocket. CEO mis-hires are proportionately more serious. Typical employers experience only a 25% success rate in hiring and promoting managers successfully, meaning their 75% majority of B-/C-hires are costing those companies dearly. Smart’s cost analysis does not include such soft values as a hiring executive’s loss of political capital, wasted time and energy redeploying B-/C-players, or worse yet a company’s “death spiral” in which poor senior hires result in lower level A-players bailing out, leaving B-/C-players in their place who hire and promote still more B-/C-players.

Long term hires, interim executives, and contract leadership resources provide flexible options to satisfy immediate needs, right now. Companies make talent resourcing plans annually. Then, circumstances change. The executive team announces a change to corporate strategy that requires new leadership abilities that do not exist internally. Or an ‘A’ player leaves unexpectedly, during or at the outset of major transformational change, creating a leadership vacuum at the worst possible time. In both scenarios, Diligent Partners can be retained to ensure that anyone hired into such critical leadership roles is thoroughly vetted for the right leadership style, competencies, accomplishments, and reputation. At the same time, to ensure forward progress on critical programs and an effective transition for the permanent hire, Diligent Partners can provide a seasoned corporate resource on a contract basis, either until the new hire is on board or even specifically to serve a near term tactical role that may be quite different than will be expected of the permanent hire. Short-term hires may also be required to lead or participate in strategic corporate initiatives where permanent roles may never be envisioned.

Clients retain Diligent Partners to search for, develop or retain A-players, from CXO’s to VP’s to middle managers. In all cases, we look only for talented candidates whose DNA enables them to connect with people. To lead. To influence. To transform. Our approach is methodical and our playbook long established, enabling search consultants to act crisply on each client’s behalf. Our approach to all client engagements – search, contract leadership services, and organizational development – is consultative, collaborative, and tailored to the needs of our clients. We can be adaptive and flexible to most client requests except any which would diminish the quality of client outcomes.



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