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Diligence in search matters

Many of today's most impactful roles did not exist a year ago. Anywhere. As businesses struggle to reinvent themselves, or to redefine who and what they are, essential new roles are being created on the fly.  Not renamed. Not modified. Created with no prior models or job descriptions

Diligent Partners partners with clients to define such roles, their required qualifications or past experience. The nuances of essential leadership skills. Proof of past successes and the back stories of what made these candidates successful. Their influencing ability. Their stamina. Their learning ability. Their commitment to succeed. Their courage to lead as change agents.

Then we find, vet and recruit them. So you can leap forward.


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While the majority of our searches demand this same diligent process to identify and vet A-Players in traditional roles, it is these newly invented roles that push our flywheels and put us to the test.

Is your business disrupting your marketplace yet? Are you being disrupted? Are you about to be?

You need people like this. Everyone does.

You can transform your business, inserting the right change agents in the right positions. No company assembles a cast of A-players by chance. It takes forethought, knowledge, orchestration and, above all, judgment. It takes diligence because there are no shortcuts.

At the C-level, the VP-level or even middle management, every hiring decision you make is an opportunity to transform your business. A single pivotal hire can make your year…or break your bank.

It is false logic to assume that in a candidate rich market, recruiting the right people can be left to junior generalists. Or to applicants who see a job posting. Or that senior executives have the time or the expertise to source, vet or recruit their own direct reports. Especially when the role they need to fill has never existed until now, or if a candidate's accomplishments cannot be verified through interviews alone - requiring an increased level of scrutiny and vetting... what we call diligence.

We do the work your team does not want to do.  Or the time.  Or even maybe the courage.  Too many applicants reinvent themselves to win jobs. Too few employers take time to verify facts. As our economy expands, and competition for the best talent grows, these dynamics will only magnify.  We are your leverage.

Diligent Partners LLC


Our approach is methodical and our playbook long established, enabling search consultants to act crisply on each client's behalf. Our approach to all client engagements is consultative, collaborative, and tailored to the needs of our clients. We can be adaptive and flexible to most client requests except any which would diminish the quality of client outcomes.


"We just completed a long and challenging search with Diligent Partners for a partner-level executive for our management consulting firm.  Completing a search like this for a small, culture-driven firm was no easy task, and we put both George and Scott through the ringer with our selectiveness, stubbornness, and hundreds of questions.  Both George and Scott did a great job working with us, walking us through all the details, and most importantly, finding several extremely well qualified candidates for us to meet with and ultimately hire.  Our search came with some self-inflicted bumps along the way, and I was impressed with the manner in which Diligent Partners stuck with their commitment to us from day one to the first day on the job of our new executive.  We liked their candidates so much, we ended up hiring two."

Greg Long
Director & Co-Founder, Caiman Consulting

"George and Scott have just completed a most professionally effective engagement for one of my critical IT Director positions.  Every step of the process was made clear and was executed with precision.  Their sourcing generated for my organization a viable cadre of leader-candidates whose credentials were aligned with our requirements and yet reflected variations in focus, personality, and style.  Their assessments were spot-on, just the right balance of reality and optimism.  Their leader-candidates were so well qualified that even those not selected proved to be strong candidates for other opportunities in my organization.  DP's work is the most satisfied I've ever been with an executive search firm's performance."

Tom Ream
Regional CIO, Sacramento-Sierra Region, Sutter Health
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