"George, thank you for your help in leading a very difficult national search to a find a leader of our large Salesforce implementation a year ago. I’m happy to report that he has been tremendous in getting our Salesforce implementation rolled out and he continues to excel in his role. Definitely one of our strongest hires and leaders.  We would be happy to work with you and your firm again should the opportunity arise."

Senior Vice President
Large Regional Bank

"Scott Cadwalader is one of the most knowledgeable people in the IT Industry and has a talent for placing the right people in the right job. He is extremely detailed in his search criteria and does his homework when it comes to both the job and the candidate. Scott recently placed 3 VP’s in one company within a 4 month period, truly a testament to the quality of his efforts and the people he brings to the opportunities. I have had the pleasure of working with Scott and find him to be talented in his craft and would highly recommend Scott.”

Vice President of IT
Leading Consumer Products Company

“In our company, we had a history of functional leaders launching assorted process excellence methodologies in various disciplines across multiple regions, which typically served near term needs, then withered up and died. A new CIO arrived, heard how this firm had placed such a high proportion of his leadership team, and asked Scott to recruit a Chief Process Officer - not to push any preferred process excellence approach over any other, but to nurture and grow whatever approaches made the most sense, where they made sense, and would create the most value. Six Sigma, CMM Level 5, you name it. At that time, there were three Chief Process Officers in the country. None had anything in common with our vision. Scott created the position description, led a thorough search and found us our process excellence champion."

Regional Chief Information Officer

National Healthcare System Provider

“I was a candidate for a position at a Fortune 200 company who had retained Diligent Partners LLC for their search.  Both George Sheth and Scott Cadwalader guided me through the process in the most professional, organized, and helpful manner.  They helped me understand the company, the position, the hiring manager, the culture, and the compensation structure at the company.  This was, by far, the best retained executive search firm in California with whom I have worked in over two decades, and I recommend them strongly.”

Kirit Sarvaiya
Guitar Center

"George and I worked together at Kaiser. His knowledge of the Healthcare industry, his professionalism, and empathy gave me confidence I needed to trust him when I considered changing employers.  George did an outstanding job matching my skills and experience with an excellent role at CSC.  He was always available during the interview process and handled all questions that arose promptly and efficiently. I can strongly recommend George as an experienced  and caring recruiter." 

Martin Yanover
Account Executive Director, Application and Technology Services Group, CSC Healthcare

"George placed me at Kaiser Permanente in a new revenue cycle reporting leadership role in the national revenue cycle department.  We began our conversation in early 2008.  For a number of reasons, the search lasted over six months, but George stuck with me to get this done.  As a candidate who had been both a CIO and a CFO of a group of medical clinics, I found George to be very knowledgeable about the healthcare industry generally and his client specifically, he was thorough from the get go.  This started from his thorough understanding of the job requirements to generating my interest to evaluating the fit to checking references to negotiating and presenting the offer.  In short, he very much understood the requirements of this new position and my parameters, and he recruited me even though I was relatively happy where I was.  I'd be happy to work with George again, but this time as a client!"

Holly Delaney
Director, Revenue Cycle Reporting, Kaiser Permanente

“George is incredibly well-connected, and is a phenomenal asset to help find the right people for leadership roles in organizations. He is also a great pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend using him for executive searches.”

Executive Director

Fox Interactive Media

“George was the first person to interview me for Kaiser. His in-depth questions and keen sense for quality brought me to Kaiser. George is a strategic visionary with a personable approach that unifies team members. His in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, coupled with his visionary approach, makes him an exceptional leader.”

Ruth Lang
Principal Program Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“Scott has been my most valued recruiting resource for the past 8 years. He is trusted, responsive, engaging, and produces results.”

Ric Lebrecht
previously VP of Infrastructure & Networks at Edwards Lifesciences

“Scott consistently delivers excellent results. I attribute this to Scott's integrity, authenticity and experience, as well as following a proven process. It's been a pleasure working with Scott over the last 6 years.”

Executive Director of Information Technology
Global Medical Products Company

“I have known Scott almost his entire time at GMR and he has performed a number of difficult searches for me over the years. He is great at discerning what you need, and then going after the unique individual that you seek. A great retained executive search pro!”

David Watson
previously CIO at Edwards Lifesciences, then CTO at Kaiser Permanente

“Scott has helped my company land top-notch talent in Information Technology and Healthcare Operations. His work product and service is excellent, and I trust he can fill our hardest position openings. I would definitely recommend him for talent acquisition assistance.”

Jeff Sketeris
Human Resources Recruiter, City of Hope National Medical Center

“I have known and worked with Scott for several years now and have both employed his candidates as consultants and employees.  He has always gone out of his way to understand my needs in depth and delivered very high quality candidates.  The resulting trust has saved me considerable time, and the quality of his people has allowed me to address business needs quickly.  I’m looking forward to working with him again in his new endeavor.”

David A. Schramm
formerly Executive Director, Solutions Design & Consulting, Kaiser Permanente

"Between Manufacturing Ops, Clinical Research and our IT organization, we had discovered a way to reduce our investment spend for new manufacturing plants from one billion dollars to just two hundred and fifty million dollars. It was a revolutionary breakthrough, unlike any approach our competitors were contemplating. In order to pull this off, we needed an IT executive with breadth and depth in specialty systems that spanned shop floor controls, MRP, Clinical Information Systems and ERP - all complex specialty areas highly unique in and of themselves. Plus we were requiring this person to possess Cloud experience, when not one major competitor had yet even considered Cloud a viable option.  Diligent Partners took this on, but cautioned how unlikely this person even existed. They presented some candidates who could satisfy 60-70% of our requirements but were light as executive leaders, which didn't thrill Diligent or us. As we were about to settle on one candidate, Scott stopped us and challenged our priorities, which he rightly observed were all wrong. We needed a leader who would drive to success. Scott said, 'Indulge me. I know someone who is a force of nature with some of the experience you seek, but most importantly will get the job done, no matter how many obstacles you throw his way. He has delivered every enterprise system successfully. He will organize all your mid-level specialty leaders and deliver this on time, on budget." When we met (NAME REDACTED), we recognized he was a spectacular hire. He built a stronger organization, delivered on his promises, and recently has been promoted into a role of broader strategic importance."

EVP, Global Research & Development

A Global Biotechnology Company

"We just completed a long and challenging search with Diligent Partners for a partner-level executive for our management consulting firm.  Completing a search like this for a small, culture-driven firm was no easy task, and we put both George and Scott through the ringer with our selectiveness, stubbornness, and hundreds of questions.  Both George and Scott did a great job working with us, walking us through all the details, and most importantly, finding several extremely well qualified candidates for us to meet with and ultimately hire.  Our search came with some self-inflicted bumps along the way, and I was impressed with the manner in which Diligent Partners stuck with their commitment to us from day one to the first day on the job of our new executive.  We liked their candidates so much, we ended up hiring two."

Greg Long
Director & Co-Founder, Caiman Consulting

"George and Scott have just completed a most professionally effective engagement for one of my critical IT Director positions.  Every step of the process was made clear and was executed with precision.  Their sourcing generated for my organization a viable cadre of leader-candidates whose credentials were aligned with our requirements and yet reflected variations in focus, personality, and style.  Their assessments were spot-on, just the right balance of reality and optimism.  Their leader-candidates were so well qualified that even those not selected proved to be strong candidates for other opportunities in my organization.  DP's work is the most satisfied I've ever been with an executive search firm's performance."

Tom Ream
Regional CIO, Sacramento-Sierra Region, Sutter Health

“I worked closely with both George and Scott as a candidate in a search for a highly visible enterprise architecture position in a global consumer products company.  Their interactive approach to candidate screening is the most rigorous and thorough I have experienced.  They have the rare combination of understanding both the technical requirements and the client’s business climate driving the hire.  These same skills are brought to bear in evaluating the technical capability and the personality of the potential candidate that will ensure a successful alignment after hire.   In finding the right candidate for strategic positions, they are without peer.”

Douglas J. Durrant
VP Global Technology, Universal Electronics, Inc.

“Scott is a world class recruiter that I know from both sides...as a candidate and an employer. He uses a personal touch of in-person, in-depth interviews to understand the client, role and organization. This personal touch makes him very effective in getting below the surface.”

Arthur Salyer
previously CEO of Carttronics, more recently of EVP, WW Film Operations at Technicolor

“Scott Cadwalader represents the best to be found in the executive search and recruitment arena. Over the course of my 35 year career, I have had occasion to work with many senior executive search firms but my experience with Scott was a pleasant departure from the norm. My placement in a high visibility "C" level position within a global market leading company would not have happened without Scott's keen insights into the needs of his customer and my fitness for the role. Although I was not the strongest candidate on paper, the time Scott took to understand my passion and ability to deliver was what convinced him to keep me in the game through the interview stage. I got the job, and the result almost 4 years into my tenure has been the most mutually rewarding experience of my professional career.”

Group Vice President
CXO, Global High Tech Manufacturer

“Scott Cadwalader is one of the most knowledgeable people in the IT Industry and has a talent for placing the right people in the right job. He is extremely detailed in his search criteria and does his homework when it comes to both the job and the candidate. Scott recently placed 3 VP’s in one company within a 4 month period, truly a testament to the quality of his efforts and the people he brings to the opportunities. I have had the pleasure of working with Scott and find him to be talented in his craft and would highly recommend Scott.”

Vice President of IT
Leading Consumer Products Company

“Scott's approach to finding candidates for Kaiser Permanente is very valuable.  His guidance from the review of the position description, matching candidates, conducting interviews, negotiating the compensation package and making the offer provides our candidates with the most positive recruiting experience possible.  His experience and consultative approach is professional and results-oriented.”

Greg Badras
VP, Regional Business Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

“I've had the benefit of knowing George both professionally and personally for nearly 20 years. George demonstrates integrity and dignity in all his interactions. George's work ethic is superior. Both his intellect and his curiosity are keen. George is highly receptive to his clients' needs. George has gained the necessary attributes from a variety of experiences for continued success.” 

Karl Wichser
Head Underwriter, Aetna, Inc.

“George is an excellent analyst and communicator. He adeptly sizes up the strategic and operational implications of the challenges facing his clients. George worked with our firm during a very hectic "bet the company" proposal effort. His calm, composed demeanor was very settling in the midst of chaos. I really enjoyed working with George, and he contributed materially to our positive outcomes.” 

David Sann
Vice President, Senior Services, Sierra Military Health Services, Inc.

“George was the managed care content person for the Healthcare practice at PwC. With his background and experience, he provided detailed knowledge of key areas within our client organizations – which were Fortune 100 Health Insurance companies.”

Greg Badras
formerly with PwC, now Regional CIO, Kaiser Permanente