Interviewing others

The Process of Making a Job Offer

Making a job offer requires a process, not a pitch. In this first in a three part series, we look at the process of qualifying candidate’s motivations and boosting your probability of a successful hire. You’ve experienced this, I’m sure. After a thorough interview process, you extend a candidate what you think is a terrific…

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Orchestrating the Interview Process

In any job market, you can’t afford to turn off strong A-player candidates any more than you can afford to hire B- / C-level candidates. Your company’s interview process needs to be well defined, consistently applied and tightly controlled. No matter what you may think of the advice offered by your least favorite Gartner analyst,…

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Interviewing for Character

In the wake of the 2008 financial meltdown, many employers were either patting themselves on their backs, or are quietly re-examining their codes of ethics and their hiring practices. Commonly, executive managers are asking,¬†How can we ensure that the people we hire to lead our public institutions have the necessary character to earn and maintain…

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