Orchestrating the Interview Process

In any job market, you can’t afford to turn off strong A-player candidates any more than you can afford to hire B- / C-level candidates. Your company’s interview process needs to be well defined, consistently applied and tightly controlled. No matter what you may think of the advice offered by your least favorite Gartner analyst,…

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Recruiting and Retaining Superstars

  The quality of your people defines your culture. Your recruitment efforts leverage and replicate their strengths. Your best people, not just programs, can be your best sales tool in attracting and retaining superstars. We all have read the articles. Over the past 10 years, companies have become increasingly creative in their approaches to creating…

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Is a Start-Up Right for You?

Start-ups can be extraordinarily stimulating places to work.  Everyone, from senior management to the receptionist, feels like they are on a mission from God.  The hours are long, the pace frenetic, and emotional swings as sudden as each day’s latest win or loss. Deciding whether one should accept a position at a start-up – versus…

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Should I Accept This Job?

You have endured a battery of interviews, met countless interviewers, and now are faced with a good, even flattering, offer. You have performed your own due diligence on the employer, just as the employer has with you. Everything checks out fine, but conflicting logic and emotions are holding you back from accepting. It may be…

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Why Corporate Culture Matters

Diligent Partners LLC

When deciding whether to join a new company, there is more to consider than the position’s responsibilities, growth potential, or compensation package. Certainly the relationship between you and your future superior is important. Trust, communications and clearly articulated expectations between both parties will play a critical dynamic in your success and satisfaction. By the same…

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