Job Transition

Cold Realities of the Counter-Offer

See if this scenario sounds familiar.  For any number of reasons – underappreciated, overworked, underpaid, overlooked, whatever – you reach the conclusion that your career potential will never be realized at your employer.  After a diligent job search, you accept an offer from a new employer.  You are excited that you will start your new…

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Writing Resumes That Beg To Be Read

As professional search consultants, we read plenty of resumes, solicited or otherwise. Admit it.  When was the last time you said to yourself, Oh boy, I can’t wait to read some resumes!  No resume will ever likely be considered New York Times Best Seller material, though one could argue that in some resumes there is…

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Should I Accept This Job?

You have endured a battery of interviews, met countless interviewers, and now are faced with a good, even flattering, offer. You have performed your own due diligence on the employer, just as the employer has with you. Everything checks out fine, but conflicting logic and emotions are holding you back from accepting. It may be…

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Why Corporate Culture Matters

Diligent Partners LLC

When deciding whether to join a new company, there is more to consider than the position’s responsibilities, growth potential, or compensation package. Certainly the relationship between you and your future superior is important. Trust, communications and clearly articulated expectations between both parties will play a critical dynamic in your success and satisfaction. By the same…

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Resigning Gracefully

Despite any temptation to pull out a flamethrower, always leave on a good note. Once you have formally accepted a written offer to join a new company, resign promptly from your current employer. With some exceptions, this rarely is a pleasant experience – no matter what your level, no matter what your circumstances, no matter…

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